Websites and Writing

For Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Does your website do what you need?

Maybe it describes the products and services your business offered two years ago, but as your business has changed and matured, the descriptions or product photos are no longer accurate.

Or perhaps your site simply doesn't get very many visitors. You find it in Google when you search for your business name, but when your customers search for the products or services that you offer, it's simply not there, and they find your competitors instead.

Many small businesses have websites that don't exactly meet their business needs.

It takes an ongoing investment and a well-thought-out strategy to keep your website up to date and to give your prospective customers the information they need. This is true whether you have an eCommerce site that sells things directly or you have a brochure site that mainly provides information.

I help small companies build and improve their online presence in a way that is aligned with the needs and goals of their businesses.

I work with a small number of clients at any given time so I can provide the focus, attention and involvement that your project needs.

Instead of working strictly as your "web developer," "email marketer" or "content writer," I prefer to work on projects in which we can partner more closely, where I can add significant and ongoing value to your business.

Through learning more about the workings of your business, I'm able to plan and implement an approach that will better fit your overall goals.

Website development and support should be an investment, not an expense.

If your website and other aspects of your online presence are costing you money and not bringing the results you need, they're simply an expense.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Your website can become a tool which yields ongoing returns on the money and time that you invest to update, improve and expand it.

What type of companies do you work with?

I mainly serve small to medium-sized businesses.

My past and current clients include both for-profit and non-profit businesses in a variety of industries: small-scale agriculture, education, automobile repair, outdoor power equipment, custom lumber and millwork and more.

I have known and worked for most of my clients for many years.

I'm currently able to serve a small number of new clients. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, contact me and we can talk further.