This small website tells a little of what I do for work and some of my other interests.

Matthew Pressly

Work History

Today, I mostly help businesses by building websites and maintaining websites, providing consulting services, doing content-based marketing and SEO.

After working 12 years as an electronics engineer at a large semiconductor design and manufacturing firm, my family and I moved outside Waco, Texas, and I began to work at a small software consulting agency. That was 22+ years ago.

There, I began developing websites, building web applications and writing various types of software, mostly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Working at a small small business (we had anywhere from three to six employees), I learned how to do a lot of different things. There I gained experience writing proposals, writing web applications, maintaining web applications, migrating applications to Amazon's cloud, SQL, Linux system administration, ghostwriting, writing blog articles, planning content for websites, working with a variety of different clients, running paid advertising campaigns, writing ads, writing product descriptions, writing and publishing catalogs and more.

In more recent years, I started a small business, Converse Web Solutions, and have increasingly begun providing consulting, web design/development and content-related services to help small businesses get better results online.

A more complete work history is available on LinkedIn.

Other Interests

I've raised chickens for many years. I enjoy doing that, and I think it's a wonderful way to put food on the table. I especially like that it's approachable for most people.

I've written a number of articles about that on www.farmsteadchickens.com.

How to Reach Me

Everyone gets a lot of unnecessary email these days. I'm no exception.

To reduce that, I haven't published my email address on this website, but you can reach me through the contact form on any of my other websites mentioned above.