This small website tells a little of what I do for work and some of my other interests.

Matthew Pressly

Work History

Today, I mostly help businesses by building websites and maintaining websites, providing consulting services, doing content-based marketing and SEO.

After working 12 years as an electronics engineer specializing in "Design for Test" at a large semiconductor design and manufacturing firm, in 2000, I began work at a small software consulting agency.

There, I began developing websites, building custom web applications and writing various types of software, for a variety of businesses.

Working at a small agency (we had anywhere from three to six employees at various times) provides an opportunity to gain a lot of skills.

I gained experience writing web applications, maintaining web applications, migrating applications to Amazon's cloud, managing SQL databases, performing Linux system administration, writing proposals, ghostwriting, writing blog articles, planning content strategy, building websites, running online advertising campaigns, writing ads, writing product descriptions, writing and publishing catalogs and more.

More recently, I started Converse Web Solutions, and have begun focusing on digital marketing strategy and content creation.

See my LinkedIn profile for a more complete work history.

Other Interests

I enjoy raising chickens and have written a number of articles about that topic on www.farmsteadchickens.com.

How to Reach Me

You can reach me through the contact form on any of my other websites mentioned above.