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My name is Matthew Pressly. I am a website developer and freelance writer living in central Texas.

Please see the sections below for more information about these services.

In addition, over the past few years, I have been putting together a website/blog with practical information about how to raise chickens.

For more information, please see the sections below.

Website content writing, blog writing, email content and more

I provide a variety of freelance writing services for agencies and small businesses and am actively looking for new clients.

If you need website content, blog articles, product descriptions, email newsletters or email autoresponders, let's get in touch.

Freelance Writing
Freelance writing

For the past 20+ years, I have done a variety of online work, including web development and design, blogging and online marketing.

I currently provide website development and website maintenance services for a small number of clients. Occasionally I am available to take on additional projects.

For more information, see Converse Web Solutions.

Practical information on how to raise chickens

I've raised chickens for the past 30+ years. I'm particularly interested in keeping a sustainable flock that can be reproduced on farm.

Several times a year, I teach several seminars and/or classes on how to raise chickens.

Much of what I've learned and teach about how to take care of chickens and raise them successfully is available on the Farmstead Chickens blog.

Raising chickens