If you are looking for lists of businesses of a certain type, such as restaurants, barbershops, bicycle shops or libraries, you can use a Google search to find them in your (or any other area). In another article, I’ll show you how to get a list of nearly all business types in your area.


Suppose I want to know all bicycle shop businesses in Waco, Texas. In Google, I can enter: bicycle shops waco

google search for bike shops in waco

(“Waco” is fairly unique. If your city’s name is less unique, you might want to add the state to your search expression.)

Google returns a map and a short list of bike shops.

short list of bicycle shops

Click “More places” to see a bigger list of businesses.

bigger list of local businesses

Clicking on the name of any of these businesses brings up more detailed results, including the phone number, location and a link to the business’ website, if it has one. In this case, it even shows some upcoming events related to this business.

bicycle world info

This is useful information that you can then use to learn more about these businesses or to contact them. For local B2B businesses, this is a way to find potential customers in your area who may be interested in your services.

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