Claborn Farms Poultry Farm

Claborn Farms

Claborn Farms is a small central Texas poultry farm that provides started chickens, eggs for hatching and guineas.

Joe Claborn, the owner, has been raising poultry for many years and is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with customers. We have worked together for many years.

For the Claborn Farms website, recent work I have done has included:

  • build and customize an online store through which Joe sells started chickens and guinea keets
  • write, edit and send email newsletters
  • write e-courses
  • write guides or white papers to educate potential customers and add an incentive to subscribe to email lists
  • write, ghostwrite and edit blog articles, product descriptions and other website content
  • produce brochures for tradeshows
  • provide consulting
  • improve and maintain the website
  • search engine optimization
  • conversion optimization

Oakley Family Apiaries WebsiteOakley Family Apiaries provides training classes, supplies and equipment to help enable people to keep bees successfully in central Texas.

Randy Oakley, the owner of Oakley Family Apiaries, has an interesting and unique perspective on beekeeping that has come both from his decades of experience keeping bees and from his ongoing experience with live removal and relocation of bee colonies from unwanted locations such as home walls and eaves and water meter boxes.

Beekeeping has become increasingly challenging, particularly with the introduction of the Varroa mite into America. Varroa mites are extremely widespread and parasitize bee colonies, weakening the hive and often eventually causing the colony to collapse unless the beekeeper uses an effective management approach for his hives.

Randy been working to develop an approach for managing a small apiary (a group of beehives) to overcome the challenges of our area and climate so that a small-scale or home beekeeper can keep his hives strong and productive.

Working with him to develop content to accurately describe his services and offerings, I built his current website, In addition to describing his classes and overall approach to hive management, the website enables customers to sign up for his classes and purchase bees, beekeeping equipment and supplies.

Current and recent work has included:

  • consulting
  • build and maintain an eCommerce store
  • plan, help develop, edit and improve content for "about" pages, blog articles, product descriptions and other content on the website

Farmstead Chickens is a website I developed to give information on how to raise chickens more sustainably. The articles and other content I've written for the site have largely grown from workshops and seminars I have given or assisted with at the Homestead Fair, the Mother Earth News fair,  Claborn Farms, and The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture.

Farmstead Chickens includes information on:

  • hatching and raising chickens
  • breeding chickens
  • Black Australorps
  • keeping a laying flock productive
  • reproducing chickens sustainably

Cunningham Brothers Transmissions

Cunningham Brothers Transmissions and Total Auto Care is an automotive repair shop located in Waco, Texas (Bellmead area).

They needed a low-cost, mobile responsive website, so I rebuilt one for them. Most of the content and graphics were migrated from their previously existing website.

Other Projects

I have also collaborated with other people to build several other websites, all of which I continue to support and maintain.

My work on these websites has included some or all of the following, depending on the website:

  • plan, edit, curate and write content
  • write custom software
  • provide consulting
  • provide or manage the hosting
  • maintain software
  • maintain and update written content
  • content planning, SEO and link strategy
  • online and offline marketing
  • provide technical support
  • build lists of prospective B2B customers for outreach campaigns

These websites include: