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Website and Writing Services

I work with a small number of clients at any given time and provide the following types of services. Contact me if you have a project you would like to discuss.

Build New Websites

Do you need a website in order to sell products online. Or a website to provide more information about your business and the services you offer?

I build websites for small businesses, ranging for very simple, 4-page "brochure" websites to eCommerce stores with custom software to calculate shipping rates and to build "pick lists" for fulfilling orders.

In choosing a website developer, it's important to find someone who both understands your business and who has a design style that is a good fit for your business.

For examples of the types of websites I have built, please see my portfolio.

Improve Existing Websites

As your business grows, your website needs to keep pace with it. Does your website accurately describe the products and services you offer? Do your customers enjoy using the site? Are they able to find what they're looking for?

Is your website conducive to selling the products and services that you offer? Does it place unintended roadblocks in customers' way?

Can your website be easily found in the major search engines?

I conduct reviews and audits of websites to surface these types of problems and limitations and come up with ways to fix them and improve your site.

Maintain Websites

Is everything about your WordPress website up to date?

Your website is an important investment for your business, and it's essential that it be kept up to date. Outdated software (themes, plugins and WordPress core) are some of the main things that can make a website vulnerable to hackers.

I update and maintain both written content and underlying software.

I also monitor and test websites to ensure that they continue to work properly.

Write Custom Software

Sometimes, you have many of the components in place, but you lack software that would make them work together. Other times, a system may do almost everything that you need.

I write "glue" software to help different components work together. I write custom software to extend the capabilities of websites. I also write software for batch processing, database integration, data migration and automation.

Website Consulting

Sometimes, you may find a very capable designer along with someone else who seems very capable at implementing the design. And yet, you may still find that it takes "forever" to get your website built.

In situations like this, I can work with you, your designer and your developer to facilitate and speed up the process. This way, you get the results you're looking for, in the timeframe that you need.

Content Planning and Writing

Written Content for Websites

  • a content plan for your website
  • product descriptions
  • "about" pages
  • "category" pages
  • home pages
  • landing pages


  • a content plan for your blog
  • articles to publish on your blog
  • guest posts

Email Marketing

  • written content for newsletters
  • "specials" and sales
  • email series (e-Courses)

Written Content for Printed Materials

  • brochures
  • flyers
  • advertisements

Business Writing

  • instructions
  • documentation
  • policies
  • internal business memos
  • project proposals
  • direct mail fundraising letters

Helping Small Businesses Find Customers

Having a website, even a well-optimized site isn't always enough. For some businesses, there simply aren't many customers searching for the products or services that you offer.

Having a list of prospective customers that you can reach out to, through direct contact, mailing of brochures, or other means is a great way to start getting customers.

If you have a local business that serves other businesses (B2B) I can build a list for you of prospective customers to help you kick-start your business.